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General Liability Insurance

One of today's steadily increasing risk to business is lawsuits. Anyone in your business can make mistakes or cause unintentional accidents that may result in physical, financial or psychological injuries. Claims for remedial treatment or for unfulfilled promises stated in business contracts often lead to costly lawsuits.

Your best line of defence is to have liability insurance which helps meet the costs of compensatory, punitive and general damages that are successfully awarded and includes legal defence costs for the lawsuit.

For the General Liability cover to meet the specific need of your organisation, we help you understand how the various competing insurance companies attend to some of the following concerns.

Deciding on the necessary liability options means Agillient must start with a deep understanding of where your business operations and third parties meet. It is at these touch points that we can see which liability events can occur and choose the cover options and extensions that would be best suited to your organisation. Learn more..