We aim to bring you the peace and certainty you need in order
to confidently concentrate on the important business of Life...


Its our job to help you understand insurance that best protects your business and give you greater certainty in your forward planning.

We know that every business is different. As a result, the types of business insurance covers you need and premiums may vary. We can help you assess your business, identify the risks you are exposed to and make recommendations to protect your assets - employees, building, equipment, merchandise - in other words your balance sheet. With our help, you can decide on the right type of coverage for your business, and with our advice you can make necessary changes so that your business has lower insurance risks. This knowledge can make the difference between not being protected and truly having peace of mind.

A Broker works for you, ensuring you are treading a firm road towards your business financial goals and providing you with complete freedom from uncertainty.."

Insurance serves the need to be sure that, all your business plans, are firmly anchored on a comprehensive risk management and insurance foundation. Whether we are listening to the worries of an advertising agency in the capital, a construction company, an NGO at the frontiers or a global manufacturer, we aim to put you at ease knowing your physical assets can be replaced, your staff are motivated and knowing lawsuits will be defended; all which provides stability to your business and your life.

At agillient, it starts with gaining a clear understanding of your unique potential risk exposure. We then interpret this into a risk profile report. Together with you, we prepare an action plan for each of these areas of risk management. The last step consists of recommending and sourcing the best combination of general insurance and liability insurance covers that deal with every remaining area of uncertainty. Learn more..