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Contractor's All Risk Insurance

The site operations of a construction project can have a thousand moving parts. You've leased cranes, bought trucks, hired workers, engaged suppliers and sub-sub-sub contractors; and yet the responsibility to deliver a project on time and within budget rests with you. This seemingly sea of chaos places heavy risk responsibilities on a contractor and their sub-contractors alike. Your success depends on your ability to complete the work while balancing income, expenses, and any unforeseen events that can impact your balance sheet.

For the contractors' cover to meet the specific need of your organisation, we help you understand how the various competing insurance companies attend to some of the following concerns.

Agillient provides counsel when a claim needs to be made and understands the relevant clauses in your policy and the project's contract documentation to defend your claims. A complete understanding of how clauses in your contract are matched to clauses in the contractor's all risk insurance is critical to ensuring there are no risk gaps that would expose you to major liability. Learn more..