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Work Injury Benefits Insurance - (WIBA Act of Kenya 2007)

Most jurisdictions have statutory workplace injury compensation laws that require you to insure employee health & safety risks. To protect you from potential compensation lawsuits and obligations, we first confirm the categories of staff that you have and match the different job risk levels to risk premium ratings. Workplace safety and loss prevention programs also contribute to savings on your insurance premiums.

This ensures that you'll not be overpaying premiums nor exposing the organisation by under-insuring workplace risks.

For the Work Injury Benefits' cover to meet the specific need of your organisation, we help you understand how the various competing insurance companies attend to some of the following concerns.

Once Agillient has placed the risk with the appropriate underwriter and policy documents have been issued, we continue to manage the claims' process on your behalf for a stress-free compensation experience.

We keep a claims' document submission register that ensures completeness of every claim submission for faster refunds from the insurance underwriters. Learn more..