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myBIMA for My Pension

Having a Personal Pension Plan gives you a tax relief, a mortgage savings plan, a tax-free investment return and financial security in retirement all rolled into one. The security features and tax-advantaged investment returns, powerfully combine to build up a personal fund which you can then convert into a comfortable reliable income at retirement.

You can transfer accumulated pension savings from another pension plan or open a new account at any time between the age of 18 and 74 years.

Confronted by a bewildering number of pension options and sometimes just as many variations in products and tax rules, the wise buyer will look to an independent expert for informed advice.

For the Personal Pension Plan to meet the specific needs of your situation, we help you understand how the various competing insurance companies attend to some of the following concerns.

Before buying a Personal Pension Plan, you'll want to read the contract carefully to be sure you know what it does and does not cover. Agillient walks you through the decision steps to demystify all the benefits and conditions of the plan. Beyond helping to make the right purchase decision, Agillient provides counsel to help understand the tax implications of each choice to guard against expensive tax mistakes. We monitor legislation that impacts on pensions and update you on these changes and how they affect your pension planning. Learn more..