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myBIMA for My Health

Health insurance protects the wealth you have accumulated and your family's financial security by helping to defray the cost of medical care throughout your life and the lives of your loved ones. Without insurance, the money you've accumulated could be required to cover hospital and doctor bills, impacting your plans for the future.

You can choose between a policy that covers you for in-hospital care or add outpatient, maternity, dental, optical or any of the extra options available from top medical insurance companies.

Confronted by a bewildering number of health insurance companies and sometimes just as many variations in products and premium rates, the wise buyer will look to an independent expert for informed advice.

For the Medical insurance cover to meet the specific needs of your situation, we help you understand how the various competing insurance companies attend to some of the following concerns.

Before buying a cover, you'll want to read the contract carefully to be sure you know what it does and does not cover. Agillient walks you through the decision steps to demystify all the benefits and conditions of the policy. Beyond helping to make the right purchase decision, Agillient provides counsel when a claim needs to be made and understands the relevant clauses in your policy documentation to defend your claims. Learn more.. Learn more..